Your First Billiards Setup

billiards historyIf you are in the phase of your billiards career where you are transitioning form an observant enthusiast to an active aficionado, you have got some big changes ahead of you. These aren’t giant sized, life altering events like getting married and having a baby but they will work to determine how you use a good deal of you free time in the coming months and ahead.

If you are tired of hopping around pool halls and hanging out with friends just to get to their pool table then maybe it is time that you invested in your own set up. You can bring the game to yourself!

It should always be taken into consideration that acquiring a pool table isn’t something that every pool or billiards enthusiast needs to suddenly go out and buy. A pool table is a responsibility to the game and should be for propagation of billiards and to help yourself as well as all those who will ever play on your table to better their game.

This said you will know if it is a good move for you to invest in a billiards table or a pool table if you have a few basic prerequisites, of which a large bank account, rich friend and a ginormous, empty recreational room are not the most important. First off, you should have your own pool cue that you have been playing with exclusively for some time before you buy your own pool table.

get balls for billiardsAlthough this isn’t written in stone anywhere there is common sense to it. If you have not personalized your game to the point that you, personally, have invested in your own cue then you can still develop your game just as easily on public tables as you can on your own private table.

As you look forward to owning your own pool table you should make sure that you can accommodated and in all other ways afford a billiards table in your own house. The purchase of a billiards tables will take up a considerable amount of space, time and money for many people.

The standards sized table, which you should highly prefer to any smaller tables, is a full 9 feet long, only measuring the playing surface, and could be even larger depending on the design. The playing area will need to be large enough to accommodate a table as well as a full sized cue protruding from any given point in the table.