Willie Mosconi: Respected Father of Pocket Pool

greatest pool player everApproximately 3 weeks and 99 years ago, Willie Mosconi was born to a family that lived above a pool hall.  Convenient place to be born, especially since this baby boy would grow into a real straight shooter and, not to mention, the worlds greatest pool champion to ever live.


Because it is this mans 99 year and 3 week anniversary we wanted to remind the world of how great he is.   Little Willie was a pool prodigy.  His father realized that his boy was special so he decided to give him to the sharks (the pool sharks anyway).  Six year old Masconi was pit against the reigning world champion Ralph Greenleaf.  Though Willie lost the match, he played well enough to launch his professional career… all at the age of six let me remind you!


Willie is the only man to have won 15 consecutive world championships.  His game- straight pool.  Back then they played a slight variation, and called it 14.1 continuous.  In this game the player can hit any ball they want, and the game is played to a preset score.


Masconi, set the highest score in history.  Here is what Masconi said about the  high score “On March 19, [1954] in Springfield, Ohio, I ran 526 balls, a record that still stands. I was playing a two-hundred-point match against an amateur by the name of Earl Bruney in the East High Billiard Club. He made three balls off the break, then I ran two hundred and just kept going. The run took two hours and ten minutes, which means that over the span I averaged four balls a minute. I finally missed a difficult cut shot, but by that time I was weary; it was almost a relief to have it come to an end. There were about three hundred people in the audience, and one of them was an attorney who prepared an affidavit attesting to the validity of my claim to a new record. A few days later, the BCA gave its stamp of approval”

For years this man’s name was synonymous with pool.  He was the undisputed champion, no one challenged it and no one refuted it.  He had proven himself, and was among the first to be inducted into the billiards hall of fame.

Approximately 80 years, 2 months, and 3 weeks after his birth Mosconi succumb to a heart attack, but not before publishing his own book called Willie’s Game.  We respectfully tip our hats to you Mr. Mosconi.