Why You Should Play Pool

Interesting billiardsWhen people hear the word billiards, or pool, something of a sedentary, almost lackluster, game comes to mind where people are gathered around a big pool table taking turns bumping colored object off of each other, trying to hit them into pockets. It seems about as exciting as watching treadmill races.

However, ask any real pool player and the games becomes a lot more exciting and a lot more complicated than what is perceived with just a passing glance. Pool is actually a game that has many different dimensions of skills to be mastered, from physical skills, to mental skills, to complex geometrical calculations.

Pool is a game that not only challenges control over certain parts of your body, with strokes, stances, and hitting the cue ball in various places, but pool also challenges your intellect, and also your capacity to create situations in your mind and see them come into fruition on the table.

The game of pool will help your capacity for being patient rise as well as your capacity for self-control because a lot of times while playing pool, there seems to be an impulse to hit the ball as hard as possible or grip the cue stick with all the strength of a boa constrictor. There is a certain level of finesse required when playing the game, despite the visible rough inherent nature of banging together balls.

One benefit of pool is that it is a game that can be played by anyone of any age group. While it is true that pool is a game that does not require a lot physical exertion, this perceived weakness also becomes a strength in that pool is not only limited to those of a high fitness level, but can be played by anyone.

As you progress in your skill level as a pool player, you will also develop a sense of geometrical awareness as a lot of times in order to sink a shot, banking balls off the sides of the pool table are necessary. You will also develop a higher level of hand-eye coordination.

Above all, games like pool and billiards are internationally known and can be played in almost any country throughout the world. Even in perceived third-world countries there are places to find pool tables that are accessible to the general public.

In conclusion, the game of pool is in fact, not boring, but can be an intellectual stimulating challenge to anyone who is willing to put time in and learn the rules. However, at the same time, pool can be picked up by anyone of any age, and can be played in almost part of the world.