Venom’s Trick Shots

Cue sports are evolving.  There is a new era of artistic pool playing. Florian Kohler a.k.a. Venom may very well be the greatest trick shooter on the planet, he is nothing short of a phenomenon.  He started playing pool at the ripe old age of 18 and now he is the boss of his own company Venom Trick Shot Inc. His youtube channel has nearly 5000 views. We don’t think that is nearly enough and that is why we are sharing this talented young tricker with you guys today.

Yes this is the type of guy that, on a perfectly sunny day with the birds chirping and the sun shinning, would rather spend his time cooped up inside his billiards decorated bedroom.  So far this strategy of “avoid daylight and play pool” has payed off for him.  This guys a popular success.  He doesn’t even look very old, probably still in his mid twenties and he already has a celebrity status in the pool and billiards realm.

Model Pool trick shotWe don’t know too much about him.   We do know that he is french and that he got his first pool table when he was 18 for his birthday.  Judging by the bottle of Jack at 2:37 we can assume that whiskey is his favorite drink.  It also appears that he is on facebook, but it is hard to tell because the poor video quality.

However, if you want better quality video then you can check out his website where he has a professional DVD for sell.  Judging by the models used on the cover it appears that no expenses were spared on production.

If you want to start playing pool like this guy you are going to need two things. First of all, you are going to need something to practice on, a pool table.  Secondly, you are going to need to practice, a lot.  You will have to learn to perfect your stance, how to sink the object ball, and how to focus on the shot.   If watching his video once doesn’t make you inspired to start playing pool, then watch it again.