The Girls of Cue Sports

women on the pool tableLong ago before billiards was an awesome community of trick shooters and pool sharks,  it was a sophisticated game for men.  Women were not allowed to play because their uncoordinated hands would end up ripping the cloth on the table.

The cloth was, for a while, considered the most important part of the game.  It is supposed to be a reminder of where cue sports got their origin from.  Long ago, people used to play games on their lawn, until they figured they could dress their table up to look like their lawn and then play inside.  Billiards was sort of the intermediate step between lawn and computers.

men using a maceWhen pool was fist invented people didn’t use a stick.  They used something more more practical called a mace.   See the men (yes, they are men they just have funny wigs on.) to the right, they are using maces. The would hold the cue stick in an awkward position with their arms slightly bent upward and then they would perform a sort of punching motion with the fist holding the mace.  This would hit the ball around the table.  After a few hundred years men decide this was a very uncomfortable way to play, plus those wigs looked ridiculous. This is when they opt the mace for the cue stick.

Even once they did this though, women were still told to play with mace.  Because the men thought that their small hands wouldn’t be able to control a stick properly.  At least according to Wikipedia that is true.

Women were taken a little less seriously back in the early days of cue sports.  For instance, Mary the Queen of Scott was said to have complained about being deprived of her pool table while she was imprisoned in Fatheringay Castle.  As an ironical joke after she was executed her murderers wrapped her up in the cloth of her pool table.

black widow We have come a long way from that. I don’t imagine their are a lot of random executions anymore. Well, at least not in America. Well, at least not over pool related games.  Now days girls are encouraged to play billiards.    Just look at misses Black Widow.  This is precisely the type of thing people are looking for out of the billiards community.

So that is a little bit about how billiards has changed over time to become more accommodating for girls in the sport.  Though billiards is definetely not considered a women’s sport like ice skating or nitting, it is still appropriate for girls to try and play along.