Coolest Video of Nine Ball Ever (and why it’s totally bogus)

Watch this video and tell me you are not truly amazed.  Pocketing all the balls off the break shot, that is quite an unbelievable feat.  Truly an impressive shot. Whoever managed to get that shot off must of been the happiest man alive.  Unfortunately there is no happiest man alive because this shot never happened.  It really is unbelievable because, well, it is totally impossible.

Crazy unbelievable, right?


My initial reaction was “yeah!! we did”.  I thought that someone had actually done something truly incredible.  Then my rational billiards brain came back to me after the momentary rush excitement. That is when I realized that you cannot pocket the wing balls in the side pocket off the break.  I mean maybe you could if you did a bounce shot, but those aren’t legal in a real tournament style game.

8 ball wing ballnine ball wing ballsA wing ball is either of the balls on opposites sides of the rack.  In 8 ball the wings are the bottom left and bottom right corner balls, and in 9 ball they are the far left and far right middle balls, always on lateral ends of the rack. There,  a little bit of pool terminology for ya.  It is easy to remember too because ‘wings’ go on the sides of birds and ‘wing balls’ go on the sides of racks.

When the cue ball is on a trajectory toward the foot rail, you are not going to have both wing balls fly simultaneously into mirror pockets.  I don’t think that physics would allow that.  You can try to recreate this shot all you like, but I am telling you it isn’t going to happen. At least not like it did in this video. And that is why this video is a bunch of malarkey.

If practical billiards knowledge doesn’t prove this video is fake, then what proof could possibly awaken you hopeful dreamers. Wait, a minute. What about these pictures here. Thanks to the technology of ‘print screen’ button and ‘red circle’ icon in paint I can finally illustrate how foolishly fake this video is.

fake pool video

Notice the man’s dainty legs.  They are supple, delicate and almost women like in this.  The only way we can tell he is a man is by his knobby gorilla hands, but keep your attention on his slender legs.

billiards fake video

Like magic in a matter of milliseconds the man has been able to thicken his thighs and even slenderize his knobby hands.  Now that feat is much more incredible than pocketing all the balls of the break. Unfortunately, he never accomplished either one of these. When you watch the video you will see the film has been spliced.  Pretty bogus. That is all.