Tactics for Pool and Billiards

a sweet pool tableIf you are a more advanced player then the tips in this article related to game strategies will be of a greater interest to you. This is how to make a successful shot with just one ball.


You should be able to get one ball to go where you want it to before you worry about sinking two balls with one shot. To control the cue ball you will need to be able to make a straight shot into a pocket or some other point of reference.


Right here it should be said that whenever you are aiming for a pocket you need to aim for the middle of the pocket’s opening. If you use some other method such as aiming for the back of the pocket you could hit a bumper and fail to sink the shot, even if the ball was heading exactly where you aimed it.


A classic shot in any billiards game will require you to have a steady stance with the cue parallel to the table top. Your shooting hand, probably your right hand, will need to be loose and relaxed so that you can throw the cue more than shove it at the cue ball.


The best help you will likely get in your shot is by going to a pool hall and practicing while watching some experts. When you have the shot technique down the tips on aiming and strategy will be waiting for you.


It is pretty easy to understand why your object ball needs to travel in a straight line to the target point at the middle of the pocket’s edge. In fact, there is no other way for your ball to get there without a rail but this imaginary line is still extremely important.


Once you have this imaginary line you can line up your shot including the cue ball. If there is a perfectly straight line from the cue ball to the object ball and the cup then the shot is easy.


When there is any kind of an angle, especially less than forty five degrees you should imagine a ghost ball that is sitting right next to your object ball on the imaginary line, opposite the cup. Once you can visualize this ghost ball you will know where to aim for.


albert einstien billiardsThe use of a ghost ball is different than simply aiming for the point at which the imaginary line intersects the middle of the ball. If you are at a straight angle then the two methods are will actually produce the same shot but as the angle gets steeper and steeper it will become important that you aim for the ghost ball and not for the point where the imaginary line passes through the back of the ball.


As far as game tactics go you should remember two things. First, remember to make the hard shots with clumped or paired balls before you pick off the isolated balls.


Secondly, remember to position the cue ball and object balls in a way where your opponent will have difficult shots. Don’t spend your turn breaking apart clumps and letting your opponent run the pool table.