Tabletop and Garden Games for Leisure

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The world of leisure games offers its participants the chance to unwind and put their skill, luck and expertise to the test in a leisurely environment. There are even leisure games that have evolved to the point where they are played competitively such as billiards games and indoor bowling.


Most leisure games, however, are primarily played for personal enjoyment and often offer players a chance to socialize and enjoy wonderful outdoor landscaping in the case of garden games. One interesting fact about the evolution of leisure games is that the table top in billiards tables that is covered with green felt is made in the semblance of the green grass gardens where previous leisure sports were played.


One great leisure game that you can play in your garden or yard is called Boule. The equipment for this game is fairly simple and consists of a set of six metal balls with a diameter of four inches or so.


These balls should be heavy enough to roll through a grass lawn when they are tossed but not so heavy that there is any trouble in throwing the boules. The other piece of equipment in the game of Boule is a small ball that is basically a marker or a target that the boules are thrown toward and is called a jack.


Boule is usually played between two teams that can have one, two, or three players. If one or two players are on each team then all the players use three boules but if the teams are three players to a side then only two boules will be allowed per player.


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Or you could try doing this

The game starts when one of the teams is decided to start first and one of the players of that team traces a fairly small circle on the ground from which the players will toss their boules. The first player then tosses the jack forward to a distance of six meters to ten meters to create a target for the boules to be tossed towards.


The first player will attempt to toss his first boule as close to the jack as possible. After the first toss a member of the opposing team will try to throw his first boule so that it is closer to the jack than his opponent’s boule.


This can either be done by positioning the boule closer, which is called marking, or by knocking opposing boules out of position, which is called shooting. The second team continues tossing their boules until they have positioned a boule closest to the jack.


A team will continue to toss boules until they have the closest position whereupon the opposing team will attempt to do the same by shooting or marking. When all of one team’s boules have been used the opposing team will use all of their remaining boules to shoot or mark before totaling the number of boules closest to the jack.