Some Truths about Pool

Whether you are a beginning pool player or a pool shark, the chances are you have heard different myths about pool and many of the hearsay about how the pros do it.  However, much to the dismay of those who like to believe such myths, many of them are little more than that, myths.


One of the myths that many of those who hang around a pool table or players have heard is that the head goes atop the cue stick, however, in truth, the head needs to go wherever the eyes need to be placed.  The simple truth of the matter is you place your eyes where you can best see the contact point where the cue ball will strike.


Another idea to be dismissed is that all pros have excellent hand-eye coordination.  This is not true, what it is important is learning the angles, the geometry and the discipline.  Any person can approach a pool table and become a strong player.


It is also believed that you need a strong grip in order to achieve powerful strokes in pool.  Quite the opposite is true, a light grip, a grip where if the cue stick was gripped any less would fall out of your hands, is what you should be using for most shots.  Balls can be hit just as hard using a light grip.


One more myth that should be dispelled is the belief that you can aim while you are down in the stance.  This is also not true, what most pros do is once they are down in the stance, they do not even budge, rather they sit quietly still before hitting.  While they may go back and forth with the cue stick with practice strokes, before the final stroke, the tip stays put.


Finally, while it may appear so, pros do not use some wonderful aiming system that only they know and amateurs do not.  There are several different aiming systems, but no golden aiming system that only the professional pool players know.  They, as does everyone else, use a normal aiming system.


Just like the pros, if you put in the time and the effort you can reach a high level of competence when it comes to your shots and pool game.  We all use cue sticks, we all use a pool table, and we all have the potential to become a very strong player.  It starts with you no myths, just hard work.