Shoot Pool Like A True Marksman

shooterIn pool there are many factors that need to be accounted for when aiming the shot.  One must account for the velocity at which the cue ball will be struck.  The point of impact between the cue ball and object ball must be thoroughly examined.  Deflection when the cue ball is struck off center of its axis must be accounted for.  There is even natural curve in the trajectory as the friction from the cloth of the table begins to grip the cue ball. However, even with all these different factors the shot is always going to start with a single point and a straight line.

Pool players are modern day marksmen.  They align their body and cue stick like the stock and barrel of a rifle forming a straight line toward their target.  If there is wind the marksmen doesn’t assume his line to be curved. He aims his straight line a little to the side adjusting it accordingly to fit the circumstance.  Same with the pool player, if there is a curvature or English in his shot he doesn’t aim a curved line. He aims a straight line and adjusts it to the side accordingly to match the specific circumstance.  The straighter the shot, the better the player.

cue head and balls in alignmentTo get a straight line you must have three points of reference.  The marksmen will align the target, the front site and the back site.  If he were only to use the front site and the target his accuracy would drop dramatically.  It is precisely the same with the pool player.  Most novice players will align the point of contact on the cue ball with the target ball, but they are missing the third point of reference.  They only have the front site and target.  Aiming is a visual sport, but shooting pool is a hand and eye discipline. The third point of reference is actually behind you, in your hand. It is the butt of the stick.  You must align the stick, the point of contact and the target for maximum accuracy.

Of course this takes some practice too. Knowing is only the first step.  If you want more in-depth instructions as to how to go about shooting pool check out this website here. They have tons of great articles on how to perfect aim and become a better player.