Reaping the Benefits of Practice

practice makes perfectAs with any type of endeavor, in sports practice is an essential element of becoming a stronger player.  However, the old adage that practice makes perfect has some relevance to it, but in all honesty tends to miss the mark when it comes to sports.


There is no way that anyone is ever going to be perfect at the sport that they play, not in this lifetime at least.  Therefore, the old adage of practice makes perfect, to become more accurate and true to form should be changed to practice makes permanent.


Practice is essentially an attempt to simulate in-game situations such as hitting a stroke, or working through a seemingly disadvantageous scenario, so making practice as true to form as possible is the best way to practice.


This means putting all the necessary effort in and not messing around.  Sure practice can get boring and there will be slow times, it is important to remember that practicing is going to be the only time to truly prepare for those difficult in-game situations.


Practice is also a time to gain an understanding and appreciation for the fields of play as well as the equipment.  It is a time to see which equipment is preferred and most comfortable, for example, learning a preferred size of cue stick or weight of paddle.


reaping practiceIt is a time to see and practice playing with dimension of a particular ping pong table, pool table, or field.  Taking this extra time to become comfortable with dimensions and the feel of equipment could mean all the difference between winning and losing.


Above all, practice is a time where that player can learn to make proper form, techniques, and stroke second nature, so as to not have to think about it during game play.  This is especially important in games such as ping pong where the time a player has to react is only infinitesimal.


Mastery of an art or a sport does not come simply by virtue of how many hours have been put into learning, but also of the efficacy of the practices.  Quality practices on a regular basis build the foundation for strong players and even stronger resolve.


Practicing is not always fun, and it is not always going to seem like it is doing any good, but in the long run it will pay off.  There is much to be said about a person who can put hours of diligent effort into practicing and the hours will not only show in their game, but also their character.