Quick Blurb on a Common Skratch

scratch the ball

Alright, Ignore how crumbly the picture is.   I am not a Mister Da vinci Ok?   Besides it still illustrates the point perfectly.

With any shot you have to make sure that the cue ball is going to land where you want it to.  That should be part of your prep. Outline what object ball you want to play off, and then think about where you want the cue ball to land.  Most importantly, make sure you do this when you are aiming to sink the eight ball.  As we all know scratching on the eight ball results in “you lose”, so avoid that.

Notice there are two lines on this 16 bit illustration: The blue line and the black line.

The blue line: The ball is played with a strike toward the center of the cue ball.  This is most the time going to be a good idea, that is unless you see that the ball will ricochet into one of the corner pockets.


The Black Line: The black line is played with a slight back spin. It doesn’t even have to be a lot.  Just aim the cue stick a little bit lower, so that you can move the cue balls course of trajectory.