Pocket the Eight Ball (Correctly)

There are a few things you want to keep in mind when pocketing the eight ball, so that you don’t end up making the same mistakes as whoever this embarrassed guy is.   For the most part the eight ball is going to be played as if it were just another ball. You will want to follow the same preshot routine, but there are some minute changes to incorporate.

Il biliardo posseduto by HeroHiro
You can check the rules, if the ball bounces out of the pocket it doesn’t count.  If this or something similar has ever happened then you may have experienced a short argument of whether or not that was a legal pocket or not.  It is not. Even if the table is in some way to blame for the fluke it still doesn’t count.  So if you do have a messed up table get one that doesn’t cause so many flukes.

Now, this guy does everything just right. He has a perfect stance, he lines up the shot, he gets his stick centered on the cue ball, but then he makes his first mistake.  He doesn’t give it any test runs.

With any shot you should always give the stick a few test strokes before striking the ball.  This will give you time to evaluate what is going on and double check to make sure everything is right.  It will also give you a few seconds to breath. This guy has probably pulled this shot a dozen times in practice, but this time is a fluke and that is because he rushed it.

The big thing to remember is relax. Notice in this video the shooter has the eight ball about 5 inches away from the cue ball and about 3 inches away from the pocket.  Maybe it was because he was just really excited to win this match, but he put way to much energy into that shot.  That was his biggest mistake.

Had the man taken a breathe before crushing the cue ball like he did the oxygen may have stimulated his mind into thinking a bit rationally about the shot. That is just one thing that players commonly mess up on, there are a whole list of things that players do wrong.