Personal Psychology and your Billiards Game

pool table in a pool

If this is you, psychologically speaking, yeah that’s whats up.

Playing a perfect billiards game and sinking those need-to-make shots are the goal and objective of nearly every billiards player. The difference between those who succeed and those who don’t is the focus of virtually every new product, method and practice that a billiards player could possibly encounter.


The physical science in a game of billiards is undeniable; the cue strikes the cue ball which will bank off of other balls or rails until the balls all settle in or out of the pockets. There is, however, a psychological aspect to any billiards game that is in play every moment that the balls are not actually rolling on the table.


That is to say, the psychological aspect of billiards has an extremely firm grasp upon the outcome of any given game. Here are some practices in sports psychology that you can employ to better your billiards game.


The first aspect of sports psychology that you should learn about is called arousal regulation. This term refers to the level, whether high or low, of a player’s physical and mental activity.


In any given sport or activity there are mental tasks as well as physical tasks that need to be accomplished. The body parts and the mind will need to be geared towards these tasks in order to perform them adequately.


Here is a basic example of how arousal regulations work to affect the mind and body of a person. If a billiards player needed to make a tricky shot but was overly-aroused mentally, or in other words, if he were thinking about other things besides the shot at hand, he might take too long in processing the shot and take the shot before considering all the variables.


The simple way of saying this is that he was distracted. The same player could also be under-stimulated mentally, or bored and similarly unable to focus, as well as overly-stimulated physiologically or under-stimulated physiologically.


Arousal regulations work either to energize one’s cognitive or physical faculties or else to relax the same faculties if they are too energized. Breathing techniques, muscle relaxation techniques and listening to music can all be forms of arousal regulation techniques that can help you at the billiards table.