Parallel Aiming Technique

Once you understand the basics of pool and after you have already developed a decent stroke and cradle then it is time to start developing aiming techniques.  Each of the pros have different methods that they use.  This particular method, parallel technique, was actually introduced by pool legend Willie Mosconi.


Draw a line from the center of the object ball straight to the hole you wish it to be pocketed in.

The base of the line will be the contact point that should be aimed for.


Draw a line that is parallel to the other through the center of the cue ball. 

This will give you the contact point on the cue ball.  It is imperative that you hit the contact points as to minimize and degree of error that may occur.


Draw a line from the contact point of the cue ball to the object ball.

It is easy as pie.  There you have the shot.  Now just go through the routine pre-shot steps and you are going to be golden.


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