No Pool Table is Complete without a Table Light

Light is a very important part of billiards.  Most pool halls are dark with light fixtures hung directly over the table for illumination. They do this in order to minimize any visual impairment. With a game like billiards, pool, or snooker a fraction of a milometer can make a big difference in whether the shot is a success or not.

This is what I like to see, style and function in a lamp. It not only serves a purpose but also looks awesome.  The whole feeling of the room in this picture is changed because of this light.  Now if you are not a fan of The Jetsons then maybe this light is right for you.

There are tons of lights out there. Here let me just show you. Click here, and find an array of more pool table lights than you could possibly hope for.

You see that was easy.


Now of course there are other alternatives.  You do not have to have a light positioned directly above the table. But you do need light.  So why don’t you try something a little more funky like this.

This seems to have more a clubish type feel to it then the sophisticated feel of the other light. That is whats so great about pool. Everyone has their own style, and it reflects through the pool tables that they buy.  So get one that reflects your style and character.