Most Conventional Pool Table Ever

A big problem with pool tables is convenience. Most middle class families just do not have the space in the three bedroom town home to sport an entire pool table. Paying to enter a billiards hall can become a real bother. That is why Fusion Tables have created the most ingenious pool table ever.

no space pool tableThese guys are awesome, we want to personally thank and congratulate this company on behalf of all billiards players everywhere.  They have created a perfectly usable pool table that takes up approximately zero space, and has a sleek, contemporary design.

Look at that. Now your wife can entertain the guests with some fancy pinot grigio and a light pasta dinner, and afterward you can entertain your pals with some nine ball.

There are three boards that lay on top of the pool table to disguise it as an innocent dinning table.  Then when all the children have had their supper you can kick their fannies into bed and really start to enjoy the night.

The downside these are still pretty expensive.  Perfectly functional, great designs, but alas they cost a lot of money.  However despite the price of 7 to 10 K we still think every home should be adorned with one of these lovable tables. Anyway we found this video on youtube that gives you a good idea how to use these.  It illustrates the point perfectly, but it is painfully boring.