Moscow Pyramid. You Have Never Played A Game Like This.

This game stems from the Russian Pyramid branch of billiards. Typical cue sport games require that you avoid sinking the cue ball in a pocket.  This is how Moscow Pyramid has become fundamentally different from any other game.  The point of the game is to contact an object ball before pocketing the cue ball.

The man above is playing  Moscow Pyramid. There are three types of Russian Pyramid: American Pyramid, Petersburg Pyramid and Russian Pyramid. American pyramid you can use any ball as the cue ball. In Petersburg Pyramid there is only one cue ball, but it may not be pocketed. In Moscow Pyramid there is one cue ball and it can be pocketed for points.  There are many more rules to this game, if you want to see the full set of them you can check out the complicated and elaborate wiki page.


Russian billiards ball and pocketAnother thing about this game is the size of the balls and pockets are different from standard pool and billiards.  The balls are much larger and the pockets are much more smaller, making pocketing the ball much harder.

Now I am not saying that you should go out and buy an imported table from Russia, unless you really want to.  However, this game is very entertaining.  Since the game is so fundamentally different from traditional billiards and pool games, it employs very unique strategies and techniques.