Mike Mahilum Amazing Tricker

There is a trend in the world of cue sports. People are moving more and more toward trick shots and less toward the sports side of things. Perhaps it is because trick shots are more creative, and they can be performed independently. I guess you will have to try your own trick shots to find out for yourself.

Trickshots by Mike Mahilum
perform trick shotsWhat we like about this video is that Mike is just your average guy.  In the description of the video he says “I love Pool. This is just a video I wanted to keep for myself and show my family and friends. I’ve had a few telling me I should post it up on Metacafe so here I am. Anyway, it’s just a simple video of me doing trickshots on a pool table. I’m not pro or anything like that. You wouldn’t believe how many times I had to try each trickshot…. haha. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks guys!!!”


He certainly shoots like a pro in this video.  And I bet he would be sincerely surprised to find out his video is being posted on our site. But the reason we like him is because he inspires us.  He communicates to us on our level and shows us that we can do it to.


So it is time that you get out your pool table brush, clean the green felt, and start playing some trick shots.  Dust off your cue sticks and polish up those cue balls.  Chalk up the tip of your stick and start lining some shots.  My friend, get out there and start making videos.  Heck, if they are good enough they could even end up on this site. We love sharing the best pool players with the world.  Our goal is to inspire the world with billiards and pool.  If you are in then start striking those balls.