Martin Luther King of Pool

martin luther kind of poolUnderneath that coat remains a cool and collected King at a pool table surrounded by his good colleagues, supporters and friends. Lines up a behind the back cut shot, aiming the 11 toward the corner pocket.  This is a shot that would have a regular player sweating bullets, but for Martin this is just a stroll in the park.

I would just like to say that this game must have been something spectacular to witness. Deep down in my heart I hope he was playing against a white man, and I really hope that he just smoked him.  You know totally just run the table right of the break.  Imagine the impact of a simple game back then in such times.  These guys are all worrying about their lively-hood and the lively-hood of their children, and then all of a sudden the forget about their troubles for a second crush some pool.

Judging by the crowd it would appear that it was an all black party, so it is unlikely that this is a picture of the King crushing some white fools.  However, given the time we might be able to assume that all the white men are just standing on the other side of the room.  No, that isn’t right. That would imply that a white person took the picture.