Life Lessons Learned From Playing Pool blogger explains the life lessons he learned from playing pool that we here at thought we’d share with our readers to help them benefit and be aware of some of these life lessons as well.

While at times pool can be frustrating and cause us stress when the game is not going as planned, yet when you take a step back and think about the lessons you can learn from this, you can apply them not only to your game but to your life as well! Check out a few of these life lessons A Boundless World blogger shared with us, but be sure to check out his whole article here to read all 7 of his life lessons learned.

Enjoy The Game: Whether you like it or not you are a participant in the game of life.” There are often times when we focus on the parts of our life that aren’t going the way as planned, instead of focusing and being thankful for all the many things that are going right.

Sure you didn’t make in that eight ball on the first try, and now you are the mere brinks of losing while your component is going on a run. Instead of focusing on the potential loss, think of how many you’ve made in, think of the fun you’ve had and the friends you’re with. “Make a conscious effort into enjoying each day, and you’ll be surprised at how much fun the game of life can be.”

Take The Time to AimTake The Time To Aim: In pool, as is in life, it is especially important to aim.” While you may get lucky from time to time and have a ball fall into the pocket without aiming, this method won’t score you the win in the end. Instead take your time, use that Proper Pool Stance we’ve taught you, focus and aim at that pocket. With this strategy you’re more likely to have the ball go in with every shot, rather than just get lucky every now and have it fall into place.

Use this same strategy in life. “Simply taking the time to plan can greatly accelerate the pace in which you reach your goals. It is essential that you take some time and aim. Don’t rush. Take some time to think about where you want to go. Line up your values and make a conscious effort to succeed.”

Slop Is A Part of Life: describes a slop as “the opposite of call shot pool.” This means that whether you are aiming or not, the ball may find its way to any pocket, even if it’s not the one you were intending.┬áDepending on if you are playing call shot pool or slop shot pool this may be a good thing or a bad. If you are playing call shot, depending on your rules you may have to take the ball out or simply end your turn. Now if you are playing slop pool, this is a great thing as you count the ball and get to continue on with your game. Either way slop is part of the game when it comes to pool, while the ball may not always go where you’d like, accepting this is going to take a lot of the stress of out your game.

“Learning to accept the ‘slop’ in your life with a positive attitude will tremendously benefit you and dramatically decrease the time in which you spend in the rough.” There will be times in life when things don’t always go as planned, you can either sit and stress about this, pouting that it’s not going as planned; or you can accept the slop and go with the flow, continue on with your game and knowing in the end things will work out as long, just as long as you don’t ever give up.