Landon Shuffet Pool Prodigy

“It’s uh game. I’m good at lots of um, but I am the best at pool.” Explains 7 year old Landon Shuffet with a southern accent as thick as sweet and sour pork rib BBQ sauce. Now, this is the type of kid that really gives us hope for future generations of youth.

If this little pine sprout is already able to shoot the tail hairs of a pigmy goat from a hundred yards at seven years old think about how good he will be when he gets into high school and starts learning geometry and physics.  Those are part of the curriculum in southern states right?  Anyway, he could become a pool legend.

If you watched the video– as if anyone would read the text and not watch the video– you know that the kid started learning the basics when he was still in diapers.  Sorry, that means it is too late for you to be a prodigy.  That is ok though, most prodigy turn out to be about the same as professionals when they get older. Well, the same as the really famous professionals anyway.

This kid says he wants to become a pro and learn all the trick shots.  Heck, we have faith he’ll be able to do it too.  If needed we put money down that this boy could rub the tight out of a pine knot, so long as he had a pool stick in his hands.  Simply put, he makes grown men look like dogs tryin to play the piano.