How to Win By Cheating – Infographic

Okay, so as the pool table review guru, I in no way condone cheating. But I found this humorous infographic put out by and I felt the need to share it with you all. Not only will you learn how to illegitimately win a game of pool, but you can also learn about cheating at ping pong and basketball. I’m not quite sure why they chose these three sports, since they are all pretty different –¬†especially¬†basketball… But hey, I like to play all three, so I guess it works.

Seriously though, cheating takes the fun out of the game, and it’s not worth it in my opinion. But by knowing these cheat “tips” maybe you can pay better attention to make sure that your opponent isn’t cheating as well. So instead of cheating, brush up on a couple of pool tips and let everyone watching the game be impressed by your mad skills. Anyways, here’s the infographic! Hope you get a laugh like I did!

Sports Infographic - How To Win By Cheating in Table Tennis, Pool, and Basketball