How to Hit Better Draw Shots

The draw pool stroke is one the most challenging and fun strokes for beginner and intermediate pool players to hit.  This shot, when hit correctly, causes the cue ball to return toward, or draw back, to the player upon impact with the object ball.


Although the actual stroke may seem difficult to hit in theory, it is actually a pretty easy stroke to learn, the difficult part is mastering it.  As with any other stroke or technique, only practice can solidify what you have learned into a prized skill.


Before hitting a draw shot, make sure to chalk up especially well.  You will want to do this before any draw pool play, jab draw, or force draw shot.  Chalking up will allow the stick to adhere better to the smooth surface of the cue ball.


It is important to understand that coming into contact with the cue ball anywhere below the center line of the cue ball will create some degree of draw, or under spin.  You will want to experiment with hitting the ball just a little lower than the center.  However, most players, and even most of the pros, hit the ball higher than where they aim on their practice strokes.


When you are aiming, make sure to check the loop of the bridge, as you will want to make sure that it is aligned lower than with a center ball stroke.  This is so the cue stick will be near level during the draw motion.


It is important as well to make sure that the shooting hand is not raised beyond an inch or so.  When you keep the shooting hand low, you will be able to obtain all the necessary leverage without ruining your stroke.


A couple other things to keep in mind are to aim as though there is a second cue ball on the pool tables, several inches ahead of the actual cue ball.  This will help you to obtain an extra lengthy follow through motion.


You will also want to loosen your grip at the takeaway and a second time just before impact.  Professionals will release the cue stick into the shot, while amateurs tighten, clenching and ruining the shot.


Hitting a draw shot, again, is not very difficult, although it will take a little practice to finally get it down.  However, once you have mastered the basics, you will be able to call up the draw shot whenever you need it in a game, or even just for fun.