Connelly Pool Tables

Connelly is sold by dealers like many other manufacturers, so price will vary by where you shop. They have different series as well, so there are plenty of styles to choose from, more than almost any other manufacturer. They have something called the Ultimate that is pretty cool, as it comes with 2″ thick slate. They seem to only have tables in 8 or 9 feet though, so be aware if you have a smaller game room, you may look for something in 7 feet. Here are their different models:


Pinnacle Collection
La Paloma
Santa Rosa
Francisca Mission
Catalina III
San Xavier
San Luis
De Leon

Plateau Collection
Del Mar
Del Sol
Palo Verde

Canyon Collection
San Carlos

Connelly Pool Tables Reviews From Users

  1. Tables are not built a Chineese table or lower quality,customer service is not much more than to answer your call,e-mails ignored completly.

    Review posted by Ian
  2. Stay away!!!! Company has horrid customer service. Unqualified installers. $5,000 table unplayable. Guarantee? Yeah right! Get your own installer if you love these tables and save yourself many headaches. They do not stand behind their distributors or installers!!!!

    Review posted by Mark
  3. These are both troll reviews. Connelly Pool Tables are not built like Chinese pool tables at all. I paid $3200 for my table and I absolutely love it, it actually replaced a junky American Heritage table that I bought.

    Review posted by Annonymous
  4. I’m not sure what company these other 2 clowns that posted reviews work for but the facts are that Connelly builds the absolute best production table on the market today hands down. They are a full body construction with slate that bolts directly to the body, not a flimsy top frame like an Olhausen. Hardware is grade A throughout. Slate is the thickest in the indusrry, rails are all 4 bolt, while the rest of the industry is 3. These tables are made in America to exacting standards. I have delt with Connelly for over 15 years and have never had any trouble getting parts, service or warranty replacemnts.

    Review posted by Shane
  5. I just got a used Connelly table, took it apart myself, hauled it 130 miles, put it back together and everything is great. I have to say that the slate, wood and hardware were all top quality. This table is about 20 years old and solid as a rock. I am very happy with my Connelly table.

    Review posted by Kevin
  6. True. Connelly pool tables are American made. Now that they’ve been acquired by Champion Shuffleboard they made the move to Texas. One of their head guys there just told me, “they’re turning the corner” on quality control and product output. Their plateau and pinnacle series tables are built like tanks!

    Review posted by
  7. Connelly Billiards is not discontinued. Why would this website position themselves as a Pool Table Guru if they didnt know that Connelly Billiards was bought by Champion Shuffleboard and is one of six companies owned by Kelye Stites. Who also builds Valley Pool tables too! All built in Richland Hills, Texas. Go to: or for more information.

    Review posted by Michelle Jenkins

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