Cleaning the Felt of Your Pool Table

brush for a pool tablePool tables need upkeep too, especially if you are true fan of the game.  The wear and tear of a stick and balls being knocked around on the felt can cause serious damage over time.  So here is how to keep your pool table looking pristine.

Go out and buy yourself a nice pool table brush.  They are inexpensive and they do wonders for the quality of the felt on your table.   Every once in a while give it a brush down.  Treat your pool table like you would a horse, except for without the feeding and the naming it.  Well if you want you can name it.

Periodically give the balls a wipe down and vacuum out the pockets.   Dust naturally collects over time, and this can mess with the traction between cue stick and ball.  Keeping it clean will help to keep your pool playing abilities unspoiled.


Now heaven forbid you ever spill anything on your pool table, if you do though follow these steps.


  • Get a damp warm cloth and place it over the spill. 

The idea is to have the hot water loosen up the sticky substance that you spilled and the cloth will absorb it.  This means you have to have it as warm as you can get without getting it completely sopping wet.

  • Do not press the cloth to the spill, just let it sit.

The cloth will do the work.  You do not want to loosen the felt or rub the stain into the pool table.  So just be patient.

  • get a spill out of your pool tableTake a dry cloth and pat the area dry.

Remember do not rub the felt.  This will loosen it from the slate top and then you will end up with lumps, and that is the last thing that you want.

  • If necessary repeat the process.