Choosing a Pool Hall just for You

sweet pool tableChoosing the right pool hall to perfect your game at will be a matter of chance for many players, but it doesn’t need to be that way. If you will take the time to investigate into several different pool halls you will be more likely to find on that works for you.


All pool halls are not created equal. You will want to find the pool hall that offers the maximum benefits as the least out of pocket cost to you.


Pool halls will generally differ in the quality of the pool tables used, the number of pool tables available at any given time and the cues that are available. Your preferences will also depend on how often you play serious games of pool and how often you set a dollar amount on the game.


When you are choosing your pool hall you should take note of the way that the pool tables function to return a cue ball after it has been scratched. If the table is coin operated, as opposed to a table where the pocked balls can simply be picked up and replaced, then there is some kind of mechanical system that has the potential to affect the gameplay.


It is unlikely that any thing lower than a high class and closely supervised table would have such free pockets, but you can always keep your hopes up. The other options for cue ball return will either have a magnetic system, a light recognition system or a system that uses a modified cue ball.


billiardsAll of the options with the exception of the light recognition system could change the game play, so you should find out how the table works and if the effects will be an issue for you. In most cases there shouldn’t be an issue, but you should never blame a missed shot on an inanimate object like a table.


Magnetic cue balls will have some kind of metal core or filling that will activate a sensor in the table when the cue ball has been scratched. This mechanism would allow the ball to roll to the opening where all the balls were retrieved at eh beginning of the game.


If the table uses a cue ball of a different size or weight to distinguish it from the other balls that need to stay pocketed, you should be aware that a larger ball could take away a little bit of the angle from your shots. Again, you should be aware of the pool table that you are playing on and adjust your game and your excuses accordingly.