C.L. Bailey Pool Tables

C.L. Bailey may not be one of the most well known brands out there but they make a quality product, backed by an incredible lifetime guarantee. All their tables have a 1″ thick slate and metal-to-metal construction, so they are well made tables. Unfortunately they are pretty light on selection, with just 4 models to choose from. However, each model has 5 different options for finish, so there are both style and color choices. Another plus is that all their tables come in 7, 8 and 9 feet in length. Their pool table options are:


C.L. Bailey Pool Tables Reviews From Users

  1. I have a CL Bailey pool table installed by their people. It was found to have a cracked slate. With a lifetime warranty I notified the factory and they said too bad…..They are new owners and are not responsible for any warranty on any previously purchased CL Bailey pool table. I would not recommend their tables at any price.

    Review posted by 417Billiard
  2. I have been a C.L. Bailey dealer for many years. I have never known this company to not honor warranties on any of their tables including the entry Fischer line. They also have a much larger selection than 5 tables. Check your dealer before you buy and you will be more than satisfied.

    Review posted by John Frame
  3. When the The Bailey’s sold out, the new owners did not honor any warranties. Also, note that this review says C.L. Bailey has a guarantee, which is different than a warranty. Most quality pool tables do carry a lifetime warranty. However, they new C.L. Bailey owners said the warranty was through the individual stores and not the manufacturer. If a store closed, including the C.L.Bailey factory-owned store where I purchased my C.L. Bailey pool table, the buyers were out of luck if they had a warranty claim! Also, I’m not sure if the table size is accurate. C.L Bailey does not make 9′ tables and only some of their tables are offered in 7′. I really wanted a 9′ but settled for an 8′ because that is all that was offered.

    Review posted by Missouri Consumer
  4. I bought my 8 ft. C.L. Bailey pool table (Sorbonne, with ball & claw legs & mahogany finish,it is a beautiful table)12 years ago.Before I bought the table I researched several other manufacturers like Olhausen, Brunswick and a few others.What I found was at this price range(2,500-3,000)was that the materials (1 inch thick slate and hardwoods) construction techniques were superior in the C.L. Bailey tables. As I stated in the beginning, we have had the table for 12 years and it has been excellent, no problems. I am confident I made the choice when I bought this table. I would recommend this table to anyone. I think this is the best table in this price range on the market.

    Review posted by Mike T. Cover
  5. I purchased a CL Bailey pool table after some extensive research and more importantly in person shopping. The guy in my area in New York had six CL Bailey tables on display and showed me photos of several more from a brochure so they obviously have more than five tables. He also had one laid open so I can see how well it was constructed and it blew away other companies tables at a similar price point. My advice – go look at the actual table or type of table you want to buy in person rather than rather then on a computer screen. A picture and a well written (and possibly misleading) write-up don’t tell the whole story.

    Review posted by Marty

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