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Life Lessons Learned From Playing Pool blogger explains the life lessons he learned from playing pool that we here at thought we’d share with our readers to help them benefit and be aware of some of these life lessons as well. While at times pool can be frustrating and cause us stress when the game is not going as […]

Are You a Fan of Cars? Check Out These Pool Tables!

It is already challenging to find a billiards table that fits your standards and your price range. And now, it has just gotten even more challenging. There are more choices on the market–for any product–than ever before. It would be easy if there were only 2 brands to choose from and they produced pretty much […]

How to Win By Cheating – Infographic

Okay, so as the pool table review guru, I in no way condone cheating. But I found this humorous infographic put out by and I felt the need to share it with you all. Not only will you learn how to illegitimately win a game of pool, but you can also learn about cheating […]

Upcoming Professional Billiard Season

On November 29th, 2012 the World Professional Billiard League will have its first 132-match, multi-city competition season. Season participants include teams from all over the U.S, and Canada, as well as 36 of the world’s top players.

No Pool Table is Complete without a Table Light

Light is a very important part of billiards.  Most pool halls are dark with light fixtures hung directly over the table for illumination. They do this in order to minimize any visual impairment. With a game like billiards, pool, or snooker a fraction of a milometer can make a big difference in whether the shot […]

Ronnie O’Sullivan schools us on Snooker

This is Ronnie O’Sullivan, sort of sounds like Rosie O’Donnell but totally different.  This guy is playing some snooker against Mark Williams, and he is winning. He is winning so hard that he isn’t even being modest about it.  Big man Ronnie starts throwing one-handed shots. Just watch. Snooker is played like this. click the […]

Making Billiards a Cardio Workout

There are not a lot of people that equate playing a game of pool to getting a good workout.  When considered, there is not a whole lot of movement other than a little upper body movement and moving around the pool table for position.   Studies have shown that a 155lbs person loses about 93 […]

A Little Bit about Darts

Among all the different types of games that can be played in a game room or bar-type setting, darts is one of the most common.  Oftentimes, dart boards and pool tables have been seen together in the same room as both are leisure-type games.  However, both games are distinctly different.   Darts is a game […]

Understanding the Game of Carom Billiards

If you really want to understand carom billiards you need to know that carom billiards is a family of similar games more than it is a single game although the term carom is somewhat synonymous with the earliest carom game of straight rail. Carom means to hit or to strike, so it follows that in […]

What to look for in a billiards table

There are many billiards tables out there; some better than others. Here is what you should look for. When it comes to pool tables, not all are created equal. There are standards and requirements that should be met before purchasing a pool table. The first thing that should be looked at is the material of […]

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