Are You a Fan of Cars? Check Out These Pool Tables!

It is already challenging to find a billiards table that fits your standards and your price range. And now, it has just gotten even more challenging. There are more choices on the market–for any product–than ever before. It would be easy if there were only 2 brands to choose from and they produced pretty much the same pool tables, however, this is not the case at all. This brings me to the introduction of the Car Pool Table.

These creative pool tables are a one-of-the kind collector’s item. If you’re really into billiards and you want to purchase an awesome table that is a little out of the ordinary from the rest, then you would love these! If you visit the site,, you will see that they currently have three choices of car pool tables, the 1965 Ford Mustang, the Shelby GT-350, and the 1959 Corvette. All of these are from the real and original collector item cars. So, of course, these are going to be pretty pricey. But you are buying a pool table and a collector’s car all in one, so it is worth the hefty price tag.

You may have seen these collectors items or heard about them, because they’ve been around since 2009! They have been featured in newspapers, magazines, television programs, news shows, and internet sites. They are extremely popular, especially if you are a car collector.

These one-of-the kind billiard tables are some of the most unique out there. If you’re a fan of cars and billiards, this would be an awesome investment. The price tag is extremely high though, just a heads up. Also, you have to pay a pretty large amount of money just to have it shipped and delivered, so keep that in mind as well! When you buy a pool table this expensive, you should make sure it fits the regular standards. Since this pool table is so unique, I’d double check and read this article on “What to look for in a billiards table,” before making any purchases.